Chrystal & Marie Kovach | Wedding

These two were so beautiful, wonderful to work with, and so refreshingly laid back for their big day. From the first moment I met them, I could tell just how in love they were- are, and always will be with each other. Chrystal and Marie's wedding is definitely one for the books. 

The wedding and reception took place at the Pelkie firehall- Marie is a firefighter there. So fitting with the fall colors, and how often do you see firetrucks at weddings?! One of a kind for sure. 

We had quite a funny turn when we went to go take pictures of the couple- when we went down to a little pond, we parked in a driveway to a nearby farm, figuring it would be alright for a few shots. Almost as soon as we got out of the car, two of the biggest dogs I have ever seen came from nowhere- and as we were looking for the owner, an older man on a four wheeler came out from the farm. Thinking we were about to get told to get lost, we all look pretty prepared to apologize for being on his property and leave when he says- "are you guys taking wedding photos? I have these beautiful beaches on my land that I can take you too. I think it would be so goregous." huh?! of course we say sure, hoping trusting him will be alright, and he takes us through his farm on the back of his pick up truck- remember, with our two brides- and basically end up going mudding to get to this beach. We met his pig named Rosie, his wife, the whole farm- they were so nice. The beach was beautiful. The kicker? He ended up telling us he was actually the Chief of the same Firehouse that Marie worked at and was now retried. You really can't make this stuff up. The Kovaches now have a funny story to go with their wonderful day.