The Doubles Project

The Doubles Project is an ongoing, ever-growing body of work that is as much creative art as it is photographic art. Erin Lyle, founder/photographer/editor of Roak Photography, is just as skilled at photoshop as she is at photography. The Doubles project began as a way to showcase these photoshop skills in a non-traditional way and expand knowledge about using photoshop to grow as an artist. 

This body of work was inspired by Kelli Connell, a contemporary American photographer known for creating portraits, which may appear as self-portraits, similar to the portrait work by Cindy Sherman. After experimenting and re-creating some of Connell's work, the project became a way to showcase more than just photoshop skills- it was a way for many people to have many different dialogs about the character's emotions in each of the sets of doubles. The Doubles Project is now a connection maker between people and the way they interpret emotions in life as well as a photoshop feat. 

Enjoy, and contact us to be a part of the project that is always ongoing, ever-growing, and passionate for us at Roak. 



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